Rapid Replay is a examination of the history and recontextualization of moving pictures. The piece is a screenprint animation with each frame individually printed, photographed and compressed into a GIF. The imagery includes frames from the oldest surviving film, Louis Le Prince’s Roundhay Garden Scene, where figures walk and spin in a circle. Included in the print is a figure in a motion capture suit walking in a similar manner. The contrasting figures demonstrate the distance technology has traveled since Prince’s time. Alongside the motion capture actor is a crude 3D head bobbing up and down. All aspects of the animation move in a cyclical pattern while a progress bar at the bottom of the composition indicates the passing of time. The final frame of the animation pauses on an image with a replay button before continuing. This button and interface references the video sharing platform Youtube. On this website moving pictures are being constantly uploaded, downloaded, edited and reuploaded. Roughly 400 hundred hours of videos are added every minute.