Nathan Pietrykowski is a print media artist and teacher. He received his MFA from Louisiana State University and a BS from the University of Southern Indiana. Currently he is an Assistant Professor of Graphic Design at Delta State University in Mississippi. His work has exhibited internationally and nationally in over 100 venues including Highpoint Center of Printmaking in Minneapolis, Big Medium Gallery in Austin, Carnation Contemporary in Portland, Site: Brooklyn, and Manhattan Graphics Center in New York City.

Within my practice I take walks and log my journeys. This process is used as a catalyst for creating drawing, prints, books and installations. Over time I came to call these walks the Wandering Party and developed a series of rules for these expeditions presented as zines. Whenever my journey becomes uneventful I randomly open this book and follow that page’s instructions. Doing this forces me to make changes to my route, explore buildings, pose for security cameras, or create public sculptures from found objects. Interjecting an element of chance and play into my trek helps me see my surroundings from a new perspective. These excursions are documented through photographs, notes, drawings and collecting objects. I collage and redraw my findings when returning to the studio from walking. Drawing has similarities to walking and gives me time to reexamine waypoints and make connections.

Printmaking is my primary means of production. Working in this medium puts my art in conversation with political posters, underground comics, signage, buttons and pamphlets. Prints can be viewed by a singular person but they are also in circulation. They are hung on walls, planted in front yards and pinned on bookbags. With this context in mind I use printmaking to disseminate my work, foster exploration, contemplation and play.


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